Ocean Springs Aldermen Delay Vote On MDOT Bridge Proposal

Ocean Springs city leaders still haven't decided whether to back MDOT's proposal for a six lane bridge connecting Biloxi and Ocean Springs.

Tuesday, Mayor Connie Moran presented several new studies to MDOT showing that a six lane bridge is not justified. The department agreed to take another look at the statistics.

At Tuesday's Board of Aldermen meeting, the mayor explained the delay to dozens of residents and let them voice their concerns.

"MDOT has cooked the books to get their projections so that it would match their findings for a six lane bridge. And the fact is we need an emergency bridge," Cynthia Ramseur said.

"You look at the increase in traffic and the increase people, you have not seen it yet. They want build more casinos and a four lane bridge, you have to be crazy," Charlie Emerson said.

Many residents came to see a vote for or against the bridge, but that didn't happen.

"MDOT has agreed to take some numbers back and recount them and see how that will fit in. And it might change their prognosis," Ward Four Alderman Greg Denyer said.

But the delay, coupled with confusion over the bridge, is not sitting well with many residents.

"It does not take a rocket scientist to know that the everyday, working person needs the most expedient way to get to get to work and home," one residents said.

"I love Ocean Springs, I think we have a uniqueness, but we have to get the traffic following through," another resident said.

While it is important rebuild the bridge fast, the mayor says she wants what's best for Ocean Springs.

"We want a bridge now. We would welcome a temporary bridge if that seems to be justified. We just want a bridge at cost efficiency and as quickly as possible," Mayor Connie Moran said.

City officials say they expect to hear from MDOT about the bridge by Friday.