Old, And New Members Hit Gym At Onset Of New Year

A lot of regulars were working up a sweat at World Gym in Biloxi Monday. The gym's owner expects to see some new members sign up, but even more old members to return, as we forge ahead into the new year.

"Here at our club we try to concentrate on members working out year-round, and yeah, we get a few of them that slack off during the holiday season, but for the most part, people stick with us year round, and the big spike in January is just people coming back to the club," World Gym Owner John Landry said.

There was one new face in the crowd--that of Bill Rosenmier. For 2006, the former New Orleans resident is trying to get back into his normal fitness routine after Katrina threw him for a loop last year.

"I missed working out for four months. I've been all over the place since the storm. My home was demolished. I lost two cars, so I've been all over the place," Rosenmeier said.

Seventy-six-year-old Rosenmier is looking forward to getting back into his normal routine and has some words of wisdom to share with anyone who has decided this is the year they're going to get into better shape.

"First of all you have to like it," Rosenmeier said, "...or get hooked up with a partner that will insist that you go, and that will help you stick with it. So many people around this time of year, make a new year's resolution, and for 30 days they're into it and all of a sudden it drops off."

As for Rosenmeier, fitness is a new year's resolution he made nearly a decade ago - a resolution that's turned into a lifelong commitment.