Fog Adds Mystery For Some Sightseers

You could barely see the Mississippi Sound, but if you looked hard enough and were in the right place, that famous pirate's ship came into full view.

"It looks like a ghost ship out here with all the fog. It's something out of a novel," said Ryan Cole of Missouri.

And that vision attracted dozens of sightseers Sunday afternoon to the beach in Biloxi where the battered Treasure Bay casino barge now sits.

Many of the visitors say the fog fits the mood of the destruction a lot of them are seeing for the first time.

"We're here from Kansas. We've seen tornadoes but nothing like this. This is amazing.This is amazing. I wish the fog was not as bad. It makes it pretty creepy," said Pat Barkley of Kansas.

"It's quite unbelievable. We didn't see much of this on the news up north. We saw a lot more from Louisiana but it's sad, and I feel really bad for the people down here who probably lost a lot," said Don Melcher of Michigan.

So, at the start of a new year, the mood of many South Mississippians four months ago, along with the destruction, was captured with just this one image.

And like many believe about the coast's future, the fog will lift and it will be better than ever - at least that's what Don Melcher believes.

"Well, actually, believe it or not, my wife and I are figuring on relocating down to Mississippi after retirement," said Melcher.