Family Rings in New Year With Twins

Lakeisha Cooper rang in the new year delivering South Mississippi's first born baby of 2006 at 5:01 a.m. Sunday morning.

Natalia Cooper weighed in at five pounds and seven ounces.

One minute later, Natalia's twin sister arrived.

"Nya, I held her first. She was really little. I was nervous holding her for the first time," Cooper said.

The fraternal twins arrived about three weeks before their due date, taking their place in history as the first and second newborn babies on the coast for 2006.

"We didn't expect them to come this early, but they came, so I'm glad they're here," Obadiah Cooper, III said.

And so are the twins' two big brothers and one sister.

Like many South Mississippi families, the Coopers lost a lot to Katrina, but with the new year and the two new arrivals, the future is looking a lot brighter for the Coopers.

"With the new year and just life itself brings new hope. I mean God blessed us to see another year, you know, now two more babies along with it. Katrina was a disaster, but I mean, we're still living. We lost all of our possessions, but they're just materialistic things. I value life more than anything." said Obadiah Cooper, III.

The twins were born at Biloxi Regional Medical Center.

The Coopers say they do not plan to have any more children.