Jackson County Residents Make New Year's Resolutions

Hurricane Katrina washed ashore more than four months ago.

But the dent the storm made is having a lasting effect.

"To get back into my house and get everything done,"St. Andrews Resident Danny Fallo says.

That is Fallo's new year's resolution.

It seems many people will be working on that very thing in 2006.

"Before the end of the year, it was to get into a FEMA trailer. Now it's to get out of that thing into a new home,"Buzz Largilliere says.

Renee Meyer says Katrina has made past new year's resolutions seem trivial.

"I think now-a-days our new year's resolutions aren't what they were in the past. I don't think we worry as much about losing weight and those sort of things. I think it's more being with family and friends and that's just the more important things these days," Meyer says.

"It's given us a new perspective on things. Makes us appreciate what we got,"Ginger Lashley says.

Katrina hasn't affected everyone's new year's goals, though.

People like Jeremy McQueen still have a personal objectives they'd like to reach in 2006.

"My new year's resolution is to stop cussing so much. I cuss in front of everybody, family, kids, everybody. It's getting out of hand," Jeremy McQueen says.

"Make more money this year. Keep taking care of my kids and my girlfriend,"Henry McQueen says.

Brian Hinton vows to keep his ride looking just right.

"Just keep my car clean I guess for right now. That's it,"Brian Hinton says.

Some people make resolutions to not make a resolution.

"I've always been a believer that you can make a new year's resolution any day of the year, it doesn't have to be one particular day,"Carrie Berry says.

But for many 2006 is a new year, a new beginning and the right time to turn over a new leaf.