Are Marine Life Dolphins On The Move?

Rusty Walter founded Save Our Dolphins to help build world wide support for the eventual return of the now world famous Katrina Dolphins to Gulfport.

"We have sign ups all day long,. hundreds and hundreds," says Walter. "And they want to know why someone would want to take the Katrina Dolphins from the coast."

In fact their two owners Donald Jacobs and Dr. Moby Solangi are currently battling in court over that very question and other ownership issues.

An injunction blocks the sale of the dolphins until the legal issues are cleared up but Walker says Jacobs, the senior owner, is about to take another route.

"We're told by facility managers were some of the dolphins are staying in Florida, that Mr. Jacobs has informed them, or his staff has informed them, that on January 4th he's going to loan, on temporary basis, the dolphins to the same buyers in the Bahamas that he is planning to sell them to. We think this is an obvious attempt to move his assets from the country and get around the injunction for sale," said Walker.

That move to Atlantis Paradise Island resort, Walker believes, could render any future U.S. court decision moot.

"Once they're in the Bahamas, they've left the jurisdiction of the courts and they'll be denied an export permit from the Bahamas," he said.

When contacted about this story and these questions, newly named parent company president of Marine Animals Productions David Lions refused to comment, on the advice of their attorneys.

Walter says it's not like other facilities haven't offered to help.

"There are hundred of facilities in the United States that are perfectly willing to take our dolphins," he said.

And like Dr. Solangi, Walker prefers that option until Gulfport has more time to consider future building proposals that could bring the dolphins back home for good.

"They're a big plan for our renewal. They're a big plan for the rebuilding of downtown Gulfport, but not if Mr. Jacobs takes them to the Bahamas," said Walker