Habitat Home Project Back on Track

After being put on hold by Katrina, one Moss Point family's dream of getting their first home is now back on track.

Work had begun on the Habitat for Humanity home for the Covan family the first week of August, but hurricane-force winds and rains damaged the foundation that had been laid, putting the brakes on the project.

However, Tammy Covan spent the last day of 2005 working in the home she plans to move into the first month of 2006.

She got a helping hand from both local and out-of-state volunteers.

Habitat volunteer Elmer Bean drove all the way from Michigan to help out.

"We realize that there's a lot of help needed in this area. That's why we chose this particular area," Bean said.

Local contractor Roy Stewart has been on board with this particular project since the first week of August.

"This family has been let down so many times because we have had so many stumbling blocks on this project. We're just proud to be able to help a family to get into a decent, affordable home," Stewart said.

Katrina damaged the home's foundation, and there was a lack of volunteers to help out shortly after the storm, but nothing could wipe away the resolve of dedicated volunteers and members of the Covan family to carry out the project.

"We've been truly blessed, you know, kind of as a result of the storm. We've gotten to meet wonderful people, and that was a blow in a good way to know that people would come from that far away just to help us," Covan said.

Because of help from near and far, the Covans have a lot more to look forward to at the turn of the year.

"It's gonna be a good year. 2005 was a good year. We just had some hurdles and some obstacles, but 2006 will be better because we'll have our home, and our children will have space of their own. It's going to be a good year. It's going to be a good year," Covan said.