Chicago Choir Holds Hurricane Relief Effort For Biloxi

Main Street Missionary Baptist Church laid out a spread, for the Chicago gospel group that brought the people of Biloxi a feast for the body as well as the senses.

"We decided to come down to Biloxi to share what we do in Chicago," says Walt Whitman Jr., the founder and producer for Soul Children's Choir. "Just bring it to Biloxi and to really share what we have with those that are in need, with all the devastation here. And so with the feed the children truck we wanted to bring down the food, but we also wanted to bring a concert."

Whitman partnered with the international hunger relief organization Feed the Children to bring food and personal care items for 400 families.

"We just wanted to have a concert, give some food away and just kind of bless the people in this area," says Whitman

But Whitman hopes this experience will remain in the lives of his young entertainers as well.

"I know that Hurricane Katrina has hit and it devastated a lot of lives," says 19-year-old Marcus Hardy. "And I just wanted to tell the people what's to come is better than what's been."

"Seeing it up close and personal, seeing people who've actually been through it's always different than just seeing it on TV," says 16-year-old Dawn Brame.

It's an experience Whitman believes will reinforce his Choir members' already strong characters.

"You'll go back and hug your mother and father," says Whitman. "You'll go back and say mamma thank you for a hot meal. Mamma, thank you for a warm bed to sleep in."

And Whitman says, they go back knowing their music as much as the supplies they brought left residents filled with hope, body and soul.