Gautier Family Comes Together To Rebuild Homes

Clark Vaughan needs to hurry up and finish repairs on his sister's hurricane damaged house, because it was the least damaged of all of the family homes on Vaughandale Drive.

"Pretty much everybody down here lost everything they had," Clark Vaughan says.

The Vaughans want to get out of their FEMA trailers.

"They're nice campers, but they are no place to live," Vaughan adds.

So everyone in the family is pitching in. Vaughan's son and a friend are on the yard cleanup committee.

"A lot needs to be torn down, and as soon as that's done, I'm sure there'll be more to do," family friend Brandon Myers says.

Vaughan's daughter and wife are doing some painting.

"We've got to have a place to stay and we're working on it," Clark Vaughan says.

"It's home," Loretta Vaughan says as she starts to cry.

All of the mess is wearing on her.

"Life's rolling along, you're doing your little work, you come home and throw yourself in the lazy chair. All of a sudden it's not there," Loretta Vaughan adds.

Uncle Billy, up the way, does something else to keep his emotions at bay. He's spending his time salvaging pieces from the family homes.

"This is the door," he says as he points.

And that's a fireplace. There are some video tapes.

"Hey look, I saved all of them," Uncle Billy says as he opens the drawer.

There are Christmas decorations. Some things were too big for Uncle Billy to drag back to his property.

"My hot tub ended up at ole Pete Pope's place, just down the street," he laughs.

"When you haven't got anything but time," Uncle Billy says collecting is what you do.

And he hopes his contribution will help the rest of the family use things from their past to build the future.