Long Beach Woman Frustrated With Mortgage Company

Judy Marsh of Long Beach has already spent more than $10,000 to repair the hurricane damage to her home on Wisteria Lane.

But even though State Farm issued a check in mid-November to cover the repairs, she's still waiting on the payment from her mortgage company.

And this home owner isn't alone in having problems with the mortgage company.

Marsh has run out of patience. After countless calls to her mortgage company, GMAC/Homecomings Financial, she's still not received the insurance check which she endorsed and forwarded to the mortgage holder weeks ago.

"My problem is I get my insurance check, you send it to the mortgage company, endorse everything over, and then they give you one line after another," said Judy Marsh.

Marsh says she's tired of excuses from her mortgage company. She's not sure how she'll pay the sheet rock crew now working on her home. It already cost her $10,000 out of pocket for a new roof and other repairs.

"I've got my roof on. My sheet rock people are here because I was promised my check last week, and they guaranteed me it would be here Wednesday. My guy has been here since Wednesday doing the sheet rock and I don't have the money to pay him now. They've drained me of anything," she said.

While the sheet rock crew works on the living room, her 13-year-old son T.J. helps out by building front porch rails. Trees blown down by Katrina caused most of the damage.

"As you can see, it's up not only on top the peak of my house, it's down to the bricks," she said.

"I'm a widow trying to raise two kids. And I've never asked anyone for help. I've always done everything myself. I try and sympathize that everybody has a job to do and there's channels to go through. But we're past the point of channels," said Marsh.

Judy Marsh isn't alone in her complaints against the mortgage company. A spokesman for Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood says that office has received several similar complaints. And in neighboring Louisiana, that attorney general is investigating several mortgage companies for allegedly withholding insurance money from home owners.

"And I know what they're doing. They're making interest off my insurance check. Well, in the meantime I'm sitting here without, my furniture's all in my garage," Marsh said.

WLOX News contacted GMAC/Homecomings Financial about the delay in payment. The public relations director was on vacation, but did return a call within the hour.

Stephen DuPont told WLOX News, "I don't know why there was a delay. We're working as fast as possible to handle the cases. I'd like to offer her an apology."

DuPont also said he would follow up on Judy Marsh's complaint and make sure that insurance payment is expedited.