Presbyterians Conduct Biloxi Building Blitz

The Mississippi Presbytery along with local Churches put out the call, and Presbyterians from around the whole world have answered.

"We've had folks from at least 25 of the 50 states to be here, as well as persons from Ireland, and South Korea, as well as Canada and Mexico as well," says Seattle resident Mark White.

White is one of those volunteers. He manages a volunteer village in Orange Grove, which for the next few weeks is helping house more than 500 volunteers for the Biloxi Building Blitz.

"I think what we're finding across the church is that people are tired of just writing the check for the mission," says White. "They really want to do it. We made a commitment to the city to put up 50 roofs over the next couple of months. We hope to perhaps complete 25 this week with the crews that we have."

Lisa Ellis of Knoxville, Tennessee and her daughters Carolyn and Katie and are members of that crew. They consider this the best way of uplifting the holiday spirit for others and themselves.

"We we're looking for a way to make Christmas more meaningful in our family," Lisa says. "We knew there was a need down here and we were excited about coming down and serving God."

Service that pastor White says he wants everyone in South Mississippi to know they're committed to for the long haul.

"We know that the hurricane hit Mississippi as well as Louisiana, and we want the folks in Mississippi to know that we love them, we care for them and it's out of God's love that we're here to make a difference."