Popular Gulfport Restaurant Coming Back

A sign asking for God's guidance hangs in front of the gutted ruins of Bill Vrazel's beachfront restaurant. Vrazel is counting on a little help from a higher power to open the doors again.

"If we build the restaurant back and people come back and enjoy the restaurant, it'll be because it's his will and not because it's something we need to do to make a living. It's something that we do do to make a living but more importantly, you know, is the faith that goes behind that," Vrazel says.

Vrazel hasn't lost his strong faith, even after seeing his business of 19 years nearly washed away by Hurricane Katrina.

"Once we got the junk off of us and we could see what we had, it didn't look as bad. And I said, 'Oh well, we can use these walls. Maybe we can use part of the ceiling. Maybe the roof, maybe we can use some of that as long as there wasn't too many cracks."

The rebuilding should start January 2nd. The contractor will use Old Chicago Brick salvaged from the storm.

"This was someone's house and we're going to clean all the brick and we're gonna get it ready and then we're going to use it to rebuild our restaurant. And it's going to look really great cause we're going to put a courtyard out in the front by our fountain. It's going to be beautiful. And we're going to be using this kind of brick all the way through."

Vrazel wants to serve the first customers on a very special date.

"We opened May 1st of 1986, it'd be nice to open May 1st of 2006 to celebrate our 20th anniversary. It'd be really fun if that is the date, so we're shooting for that date. And if we get open before that then thanks be to God."