Rebuilding In Gulf Park Estates

The roof is almost finished. The walls almost painted. Mathew and Tina Swift have been swift at repairing their Gulf Park Estates home.

"We've pretty much had to do everything. We've had to get new drywall put in. We had it textured last night. We're priming it, then we'll paint it today," Mathew says.

A lot has changed since August 29th.

"We had everybody else's stuff pushed into our house. We had like four feet of debris and water," Tina says.

And so far, no assistance from their insurance company.

"People found out what happened to us and they helped and they gave and they did anything they could to help us. That's what's making us where we are today," Tina says. "It has to be God because we've been praying and there's no other way."

Tina Swift says her neighbors, though, haven't been as lucky.

"If you look around here, not too many people are doing much to their homes," Tina adds.

She says many have told her they are not rebuilding.

"I know a lot of people don't want to come back because they are scared of next year."

Mathew Swift says he's more scared of paying rent on top of his mortgage.

"We just don't want to pay all of that money. We can't afford it," Mathew adds.

Besides, if another storms hits next year, the Swifts now have flood insurance.

"The main thing we worry about with the kids is the area. It's not very clean. There's a lot of stuff still in the road," Mathew says.

"If people don't see other people getting their lives back in order, they're not going to try and do it. Someone's got to do it," Tina adds.

The Swifts hope to move back in by the new year.