Pass Christian Family Prays For Survival Guidance

For Lana Zeiss, the power of prayer has made it a lot easier to ignore the hurricane debris that still litters large sections of Pass Christian.

"Praise Jesus," she said while praying outside her FEMA trailer.

Zeiss is still smiling despite the fact that Katrina shoved her home off its foundation.

"I'm doing fine," the Pass Christian woman said.

The hurricane destroyed the house. But it couldn't touch Zeiss' faith in God.

"What he's giving back to us is a thousand fold because what he's giving back to us is compassion on the part of total strangers," she said.

Zeiss prayed with three of those strangers in front of her damaged property.

"That's what we ask of you," she prayed, "to give each of us the strength and the discipline that's required at this time."

Three members of the International Four Square Church stopped by to provide spiritual support for Pass Christian's hurricane victims.

"Let them feel what we feel what it is to live here," Mrs. Zeiss prayed.

Out by the grill, Mr. Zeiss talked about what it's been like living amid the rubble. He called it quite a challenge.

"I think I'll be in that trailer for a year or so at least, maybe a little longer," Grady Zeiss laughed.

Zeiss admits things are a heck of a lot better today than they were right after the hurricane. And he credits a lot of that to his wife, and her prayers.

"I'm very proud of her that she could carry that vision that things would get better," he said.

An example of life getting better was found in the couple's damaged garage. Mrs. Zeiss wandered in there Wednesday morning, sifted through some debris, and found the dog tags her husband wore in Vietnam.

A reflective Lana Zeiss said the hurricane has brought her closer to God.

"If he had to take that house to keep this one," she said, pointing to her heart, "then I'm ever grateful. I really am."