Life Goes On For Many Point Cadet Residents

As more businesses on the Point in Biloxi are opening, and some are set to open soon, people who live in the battered area are still unsure whether they'll try to rebuild their homes or move.

As people from across the country filed into the Isle of Capri casino Monday afternoon, lifelong Biloxi resident David Kopszywa walked his dog Kate. Even though Katrina washed away his Point Cadet home, he and his family have fallen back into their old routines.

"Life's carried on. We get up every morning and go to work, and come home every evening. Nothing's really changed other than the fact that we're living in a FEMA trailer... looking to move forward from this point," Kopszywa said.

Kopszywa has deep roots in the area. He's lived on Point Cadet all his life. He hasn't yet decided if he's going to rebuild in the area he's called home for 41 years. But he and his neighbors have built a mobile pink Barbie room for the kids in the area.

"That's right. They have a portable playroom. They can drag it where they need it," Kopszywa said.

As the children played, there was a steady flow of traffic on the Point. And people couldn't help but notice the devastation in the area.

"It's horrible, and you really hope that everybody will come back and rebuild, because this is just a vital part of our economy. But it is breathtaking, and not in a good way. It's horrible," said Phyllis Facio.

However, the devastation couldn't keep the Slidell resident and her husband from celebrating their 36th anniversary at the Isle--or their plans to return to East Biloxi.

"It was just nice to get away and see people out," Facio said.

As for Kopszywa, he welcomes all the people pouring in because the traffic and visitors are yet another sign that things are somewhat returning to normal in East Biloxi.