Fewer Christmas Gifts Returned This Year

If you weren't exactly thrilled with what Santa left under the tree, you weren't alone. People crowded the stores Monday looking for refunds or exchanges.

"I'm returning a nut cracker which will not do nuts," said Jessie Miller.

Whatever the reason, some gifts from Sunday went back to the store on Monday. Bobby Eggleton went to return his grandson's bicycle, expecting a long wait.

"I didn't know it was going to be so convenient," said Eggleton. "I would have thought that it would have been busy.

Employees at Gulfport's Super Wal-Mart were also surprised. The store reserved six registers exclusively for returns and exchanges to handle the huge crowds that usually come in the day after Christmas.

Tommy Chathen is an assistant manager.

"This year, from what I understand, it's a little bit lighter than normal. I think everybody with the Hurricane Katrina situation has needed their gifts and they've been thankful for whatever the community has given them and family has given them."

Melissa Jimenez says it took longer to shop for these gifts than it did to return them.

"About five minutes. I stood in line. I was the second person in line and got in here within five minutes. Now I'm finished and I get to go spend the money I just got back."

The assistant manager at the Gulfport Super Wal-Mart says while returns were light on Monday, the store was busy with people taking advantage of after-Christmas sales.