Heavy But Smooth Moving Traffic Greets Isle Opening

Long lines of traffic accompanied the Isle of Capri casino opening on Monday. But those lines kept moving most of the day.

In fact, the congestion wasn't nearly as bad as many drivers had expected.

"Toward the parking garage and go to the atrium. We'll be open at twelve o'clock," said a security guard, as he directed the first lines of traffic on opening day.

Those gamblers who took a chance on Monday, got lucky with casino traffic. Highway 90 was certainly busy on casino row but it wasn't nearly as congested as many had expected.

"Oh, traffic was pretty good. It wasn't that bad at all, considering," said one driver.

"Backed up a little bit," said another.

With the Biloxi-Ocean Springs bridge no longer an option, the I-110 is the most obvious choice for casino bound traffic. And southbound traffic on the 1-10 was bumper to bumper much of the day.

"Coming down 110 it was pretty crowded. And I decided I'd come on down here instead of stopping at the Imperial Palace," said one motorist.

At about 1:30 Monday afternoon, some 90 minutes after the grand re-opening, there was a steady line of traffic on Highway 90 waiting to get into the casino. In fact, traffic backed up to the west beyond the Grand Casino properties. But unlike the near traffic gridlock when IP opened a few days ago, traffic on 90 was moving smoothly.

And customers said they're thankful for that.

"Well, it's kind of predictable, considering it's the first day. But you know, it's bearable, because the money's inside and that's what we're trying to get to," said one anxious gambler.

Although some patrons chose to park and walk to avoid the congestion around the casino, those who made the drive down Highway 90 found it a safe bet on opening day.

There will be even more casino traffic in East Biloxi later this week. The Palace Casino is opening this Friday.