Mississippi's First Land-Based Casino Set to Open Monday

Another casino is set to open, and make history, on Monday.

For the first time in nearly four months, slot machines will be ringing again at the Isle of Capri, when the Biloxi casino opens at noon.

The Isle will be the state's first land-based casino.

The Isle of Capri was the first casino to dock on Mississippi's shoreline.

On Monday, the casino is set to make history again, as people file in to try their luck at the state's first land-based casino.

On the eve of the opening, workers were preparing for the historic day.

"Most of the heavy duty work is already done. What we're doing today is we're fine tuning everything," said Bill Kilduff, the Isle's General Manager.

The gaming floor is now housed in what used to be the Isle's entertainment and convention areas.

The casino boasts 27 table games, a new poker room with 9 tables, and more than 900 slot machines.

"This gaming floor is state-of-the art. It's top-notch. It's better than we've ever had before. We were able to utilize all the new equipment we had coming in for our giant expansion plan. We had the new barge in place, and all that equipment that was coming in for that, we were able to utilize here, so everything's brand new," Kilduff said.

The Isle is sticking to its island theme, as evidenced by the resort's 550 hotel rooms.

While the finishing touches for opening day were almost complete on Sunday evening, casino executives say there's plenty more work to be done.

"We have three or four different scenarios. We always try to look out several years and see where we're going. We're looking to build bigger and better, more hotel rooms, larger casinos, much more amenities. I think you what you're gonna see from the Isle of Capri in the future, moving forward is going to be real exciting," Kilduff said.

The Isle will put about 1,000 employees back to work.

A state-of-the-art spa is expected to open in mid-January.