Accident With Police Car Leaves Ocean Springs Teen In Critical Condition

Investigators say Jade Baker, 18, had just pulled out of the Magnolia Bayou subdivision where she lives when a police car headed east on Pabst Road slammed into her car. Investigators say Officer James Knowles was on duty but was not responding to a call and did not have on his lights or sirens.

Answers to how the tragedy occurred could come from the Biloxi Police Department's recreation of the accident. The speed limit on Pabst Road is 30 miles per hour. The accident recreation is expected to reveal how fast the officer who hit Jade was driving.

"It gives a lot of factors, and that is one of them," Jackson County Sheriff's Deputy Rodger Blades said. "It will tell the speed of both vehicles."

Meanwhile Jade's friends hope for the best for the well-known, popular young woman. She has been in the intensive care unit since the accident. Her friends and family have kept a vigil at the Ocean Springs Hospital since Tuesday.

"She's a really wonderful person," Jade's friend and classmate Kara Whitney said. "She's one of the best people I've ever met in my whole life. I just love her so much. You can just tell she's wonderful because so many people came here to see her yesterday, and it's she's just loved by everybody."

The friends staying at the hospital say Jade knows no stranger, and she always has a friendly smile for everyone.

"She'll say hello to anybody," Stephanie Hampton, another one of Jade's friends, said. "She'll open to anybody, and she's just this happy wonderful person that has brought so much light to everyone that she's ever met."