Adopt A Family Program Looking For Volunteers

The president of a Louisiana charitable organization wants residents of South Mississippi to remember that charity must extend well beyond the holiday season.

Kevin Buckel's New Orleans based Adopt-A-Family Program is expanding its operations across the Gulf Coast. The program is a clearinghouse to connect homeless families with those who want to help them with second hand household items.

Buckel says with so many new homeless on the coast, the need to help them with basic items like kitchen items, bedding, toys, furniture, and even small appliances has never been greater.

"We don't ask for any money donations. We ask you to network and raise second hand, useful, household items, to donate to the family that's starting over. And you can meet the family that you're helping, which is very rewarding."

Those in need and those who want to help them are encouraged to call the Adopt-A-Family hotline at 504-831-4312 or click here to visit their web site.