Biloxi Opens All Lanes Of Highway 90

Drivers are rediscovering what's it's like to cruise down the entire length of the Biloxi beach. All four lanes of Highway 90 are open from Debuys Road to Point Cadet.

A lot had to be done to get traffic moving again. Sections of the road had to be repaired and dozens of street lights and traffic signals had to be replaced. Drivers say they hope this is the beginning of the end of the post-hurricane traffic nightmare.

Since Katrina, drivers have had a difficult time getting around and an even more difficult time getting around quickly.

"It's just been really hectic driving around. The traffic has been very congested," Catherine Leary said.

With two-way traffic a thing of the past on Highway 90 in Biloxi, people found the ride from Point A to Point B a lot shorter.

"I just zipped right over to the mall and it was easy and real nice. It's wonderful," said Pam McVey. "I had forgotten totally what it was like to zip. It was wonderful. No traffic jams. It was great."

Drivers hoped the lure of a straight shot down the beach will take the stress off of alternate routes.

"I hope so because Pass Road is terrible," said Charlotte Rodgers.

Some drivers say their cruise down 90 was bittersweet. Vaughn Thacker was very emotional.

"Almost makes you cry to see all the devastation."

But people also say they're happy to see progress the coast is making in getting the transportation system moving again, and they look forward to more improvements.

"I see everything building back. People are cleaning up. Traffic's beginning to flow better. The more arteries that open up the better the traffic is. When they open up Popp's Ferry Bridge, it's going to relieve some of the traffic off the I-110 bridge," said Joe Spivey. "We're coming back. It's going to be awhile, but we'll get back."

Right now, 10 intersections allow access to U.S. 90 in Biloxi: Myrtle Street, Oak Street, Main Street, Caillavet Street, I-110, Porter Avenue, Rodenberg Avenue, Veterans Avenue, Beauvoir Road and DeBuys Road. Police say the intersection at Eisenhower Drive and U.S. 90 could also open soon.