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Taylor Fights For Cruise Ship Bill

Congressman Gene Taylor is defending a federal program criticized by a powerful U.S. Senator. The Federal Maritime Guaranteed Loan Program is designed to protect American shipbuilders like Ingalls in Pascagoula.

In a letter to President Bush, McCain called the program an unnecessary corporate subsidy to the shipbuilding industry. McCain says Ingalls Shipyard is behind on a billion dollar contract to build two cruise ships and because of the loan program, tax payers could end up paying for the delay. Congressman Gene Taylor authored the bill that established the federal program.

Today, Congressman Taylor said Senator McCain's opposition to the program is ill advised. Ingalls began work on the largest cruise ship ever built in the U.S. in June 2000. Ingalls officials are not commenting on the status of the cruise ship project. A spokeswoman for the cruise ship company said she could not comment on reported delays in the construction of the ship.

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