Lott Scoffs At Governor Speculation

Governor Lott? The Senate minority leader says he has NO plans to seek the state's top office. The Mississippi Republican is dismissing speculation that has made the rounds in Jackson and Washington that he might run for governor in 2003.

Lott say even though he's no longer the Senate majority leader, he can still do a lot for the state. Syndicated columnist Bill Minor posed the theory of a Lott run for governor in a column last week that was featured on The Drudge Report, an Internet site that tracks news and gossip.

On Sunday, Fox News and The New York Times made mention of Minor's column, which said Lott's ouster as GOP leader is almost a given in Washington circles and that he would prefer being governor to being the junior senator from Mississippi. Minor pointed out that Lott could run for governor and, if he lost, retain his Senate seat because that election is not until 2006.