Gulfport Woman Says 4-Year-Old Daughter Was Molested On Cruise Ship

"I thank God that I have a place to stay, but I also want to be safe. I want my children to be able to roam the ship because that's all they got," Gulfport evacuee Liza Xenos says.

Xenos called FEMA's Carnival Cruise Ship a ray of hope when she and her family stepped aboard 17 weeks ago. Since then things have changed.

"My 4-year-old was molested on the boat."

It happened in the arcade last week.

Xenos says she told FEMA authorities about it and took the 4-year-old to the hospital.

"I have yet to see them do anything about it. He is still roaming the boat," Xenos says. "I don't understand that. The police on the boat didn't even know about this."

Xenos says it's affecting her daughter and she doesn't feel safe anymore.

"My 4-year-old is scared to go around. She's even scared to hug her own dad now," Xenos adds. "We come out of our rooms, we go eat, then we go back to our rooms."

Xenos wants FEMA to step up and the public to be aware.

"Start taking care of our children, protect us," Xenos says. "The public needs to know what's going on on that ship."

But Xenos says FEMA told her not to say a word to anybody.

"If I want to come talk to you or go talk to the newspapers, we should be allowed to and not fear that our benefits are going to be taken away from us."

"I want to be off that boat," Xenos says.

But until she can find alternate living arrangements, Zenos says she and her family have no choice but to stay on board.

Officials with the Pascagoula Police Department say they have no jurisdiction over the cruise ship. FEMA officials said they are working closely with law enforcement authorities and cannot comment further on this ongoing investigation.