Moss Point Unveils New Riverfront Plans

"We currently have a small park on the water front and we want to expand that into more inviting area including a variety of interactivities and meeting area," Moss Point Mayor Xavier Bishop says.

The Mayor and HOK planning group presented other possibilities for the riverfront that included expansion into downtown main street, more green space for trees, a pool for kids and even a heritage center.

"People can find out information, historical information, about the waterfront and additional information about the Adoubon Center that will be located here," says Bishop.

And this, the mayor says, will help boost declining revenue in the downtown area

"More people to Moss Point will expose them to the opportunities that are here both in terms to business and housing," says Bishop.

The plans will call for some rearranging.

"We expect to eliminate the riverfront recreational center and also City Hall and relocate them else where. City Hall, we hope not to go far from its present location. But both buildings will be located out of the flood zone," says Bishop.

These changes are sitting well with the residents at Monday's meeting.

"We have to have a starting point. We do not have a lot of revenue coming in to the city right now and we need more. And we should jump on the bandwagon while we have a chance," says resident Harold Myres

"I am a futuristic thinker. And I am not thinking just for now, I am thinking years ahead. Yes, it is going to happen," says resident Vonita Ellis.

"It basically puts us right back with everybody else. Moss Point had some bad times in the last couple of years, but this right here gives us the opportunity to start new," says Alderman James Smith.