Casinos, French Market Part of Governor Commission's Plans for D'Iberville

Casinos, a new highway, and a French Quarter district--these are all things that could really help put D'Iberville on the map over the next few years, according to architects at a meeting Monday night held by the Governor's Commission on Rebuilding, Renewal and Recovery.

The D'Iberville City Council Chambers overflowed with people, many of whom have lost their homes but still felt it was important to check out the Governor's Renewal Commission's vision for their city.

"Once this is completed, D'Iberville is going to become the center of activity for all of South Mississippi," said one of the team's architects.

The conceptual plan calls for a new highway that would branch off from 49, cut through D'Iberville and wind all the way down to Biloxi. Three land-based waterfront casinos would also be perched north of the Bay.

"In this conceptual master plan, we've got of course, a long-awaited casino here on the Seymour-Moran property, which is on the Southwest side of I-110....and two others on the east side," said City Manager Richard Rose.

Brian Simms is a lifelong resident of D'Iberville. He likes the plan.

"I like the concepts. The French Market idea is wonderful. I was anxious to see what they were going to do with the green grounds, the landscaping, that was my main concern because I didn't want to see a concrete jungle. Also, looking at the casino concept, how that was going to work into it. Overall, so far, what I've seen, I like," Simms said.

"I think it's going to be great, but it's probably going to take a lot longer to do than most people think," said another resident.

D'Iberville leaders plan to take all of the citizens' comments from Monday night's meeting into consideration as they determine the future of their city.