Illinois Town Pledges Long Term Help To Moss Point

A small town in Illinois brought a big truck of gifts to Moss Point, and the town's mayor says the giving won't stop there.

A truckload of goodies from the village of Mokena, Illinois arrived Monday morning. The truck was filled with thousands of dollars worth of jeans, toys, handmade quilts and other items.

Mayor Joe Werner says Mokena has made a long-term commitment to Moss Point. Werner says his city has its own redevelopment goals. They plan to exchange goods and rebuilding ideas with Moss Point for the next few years.

"As development goes on here, and ideas are found to be either good or bad for one reason or another, we'll share those. Same with Mokena. As we're doing things, things we thought were a good idea, may not be. I can share those ideas with the mayor. Between us hopefully we can help build good communities," Mayor Werner said.

All of the goods donated to Moss Point will be distributed to the schools and churches in the city.