It's Back To The Books For Gulfport Students

Lunch time is usually hectic at Anniston Elementary in Gulfport. But when it's the first day of school, it can get a bit confusing, especially for the Kindergartners. That's why school principal Glen East is there to make sure things go smoothly.

East says things have gone very well on opening day. The building was full of smiling parents in the morning. There were only a few Kindergartners crying for their moms.

One of those criers was five-year old Traven Young. Traven says he cried because he was scared to go to his class. But now that he's been in school, he likes it. Olivia Russell says she wasn't nervous at all. Her favorite thing about school is listening in class.

Getting her students to listen, is one of the goals of third grade teacher Linh Owen. This is her first year of teaching. Owen says she was very nervous in the morning, and she couldn't sleep. But, once the children came into the classroom, it was different. Owen says she wasn't nervous in front of them because they're children, but she was nervous because she wanted to make sure that she covered everything.

Owen says if her students know the rules of the class and show an enthusiasm for learning, this will be a very good year. Owen jokingly says her students are going to leave here and go straight to Jr. College. On a serious note, Owens hopes she can take her students from where they are now, and move them at least 4 or 5 steps forward by the end of the year.

Superintendent Carlos Hicks says the only problem he had was many parents waiting until the very last minute to register their children for school. Here are the starting dates for other school districts in South Mississippi:

  • George County: August 9
  • Greene County: August 9
  • Hancock County: August 10
  • Hattiesburg: August 9
  • Forrest County: August 13
  • Bay St. Louis-Waveland: August. 10
  • Harrison County: August 9
  • Biloxi: August 23
  • Gulfport: August 6
  • Long Beach: August 9
  • Pass Christian: August 8
  • Jackson County: August 9
  • Moss Point: August 7
  • Ocean Springs: August 9
  • Pascagoula: August 8
  • Laurel: August 13
  • Lumberton: August 13
  • Pearl River County: August 8
  • Picayune: August 13
  • Poplarville: August 13

By: Trang Pham-Bui