Citizen Chairman Pushes Main Street Plans

The chairman of a citizens steering committee says improvements to Main Street in Biloxi are long overdue.

Michael Griffin says neighborhood improvements have been the subject of several studies, city council workshops and citizen surveys.

And the leader of the Main Street Steering Committee is getting frustrated that all the planning has failed to produce any results.

Griffin lives on Main Street and is renovating a historic house just north of Division Street. He sees great potential in the Main Street community. But suggested improvements haven't moved beyond the planning stage.

"It's been pretty frustrating because as I've said before there's been numerous studies done and paid for by the city. And the latest is the urban renewal plan which includes improvements in the neighborhood," said Griffin.

Several years ago, talk of widening Main Street and tearing down homes on the east side of the street prompted the creation of the Main Street Steering Committee. That citizens committee looked at a broader plan to revitalize the neighborhoods around Main Street.

There are several plans and drawings that outline Main Street improvement plans.

Griffin says a local consulting firm helped the committee create plans for new housing, commercial development and recreation improvements.

"I suggest going forward with what's already been outlined in the urban renewal plan. And that is to hire a consultant to get on board and get this project started."

Lemuelle Taylor has lived on Main Street for 30 years. He likes the neighborhood as it is. But wouldn't mind some new homes and businesses.

"That would be nice. It sure would. Yes indeed it would. Of course."

Michael Griffin is still waiting for the city to get moving on the potential he sees for Main Street.

But he's not holding his breath.

"It appears that Main Street is always put on the back burner,"