Volunteers Throw Christmas Party For Biloxi First Responders

Biloxi's police officers fire fighters, and other first responders have had little time to ease into the holiday spirit.

So this year, they're getting some extra encouragement from up North.

No, it's not just Santa Claus.

Instead that encouragement and much more is coming from people like these two Connecticut yankees.

"We just sent word out through out our organization and people heard about it and wanted to give more and more money from up north," says Jessica Strobel of Stanford Connecticut. "Because everyone else helped out so much during September the 11th when we were up there, that they wanted to give back to the people down south."

Jessica began helping here when her pharmaceutical company sent emergency supplies in insulin in the days after Katrina stuck.

After watching what emergency responders here were dealing with she and her co worker Carrie DiSette knew that another mission of mercy would be needed around Christmas time.

"Day in and day out they gave tirelessly and selflessly to anyone that they could," says Disette of Fairfield. "And they never thought once about themselves, and we wanted to be able to recognize that and all their efforts and their children."

Biloxi police officer Daisy Watson who helped organized this pre Christmas celebration says that kind of recognition has poured in from all over the country.

"They brought food, money, gifts, their spirits, their energy, everything," says Watson.

Everything Watson says that will make this very different Holiday season bright.

"I can't express how thankful I am for them because if it wasn't for them, this of course wouldn't be done," she said.