Illegal Dumping Continues At Frederick Street Park

Trash,beer bottles, and other debris still sit along Frederick street ball park.

"Children should not be exposed to the level of debris that is over here and people who live around here should not be exposed to dead carouses and roof shingles and demolition debris," says Moss Point Mayor Xavier Bishop.

Last month Moss Point Mayor Xavier Bishop announced big plans to clean up the park.

"The way I saw about doing that was first of all block the area using all the heavy equipment and follow with a request from the board to put a fence here," say Moss Point Mayor Xavier Bishop.

But Mayor Bishop says his ideas were met with some resistance from the Board of Alderman.

"Alderman Smith made a motion approving the expenditure of about 28 hundred dollars to put up a fence and the motion died in lack of a second" says Mayor Bishop.

While Mayor Bishop believes putting barricades at Frederick street park will stop illegal dumping others feel differently.

"Instead of building barricades we need to do a little more education out there," says Alderman Al Bodden.

Bodden says getting the public involved in the clean up process would be more productive.

"If you see somebody dumping out here let us know report it get tags off trucks let us know and hopefully that will help out that will go a lot further than building fences,"says Alderman Al Bodden.

But the mayor disagrees.

"It is not their responsibility to police the park. It is our responsibility to make this a secure area," says Mayor Bishop.

But Bodden says there is another issue to consider, finding the money to pay for the mayor's plan.

"It is not in the budget for Moss Point anybody can tell you if it is not in the budget it is hard to get it added in there," says Bodden.

"In my opinion if the city can not afford to solve a problem like this we need to shut down city hall and if the board doesn't have the power that needs to be done on this scale then we do not need to be in office," says Mayor Bishop.

Only time will tell what will happen to Frederick Street Park until Moss Point leaders say will look for the best solution.