Highway 90 In Biloxi Reopens To Public

The gloomy weather matched the mood of hundreds of South Mississippians taking advantage of the first opportunity since Hurricane Katrina to see the sights of what was once a stretch of beautiful homes and majestic casinos.

"Oh my gosh. It's unbelievable. It's my first trip, it is unbelievable," said one motorist.

That was the common reaction Saturday afternoon as traffic moved slowly but surely down Highway 90 in Biloxi.

Some motorists could not help but to slow up to see bare patches of land where something once stood.

"It's so sad because we've been here like 32 years and I mean when I look I don't even know sights anymore. I don't know anything anymore."

"It doesn't look too good. No, it looks terrible. This is the first time we've been down here. It took our breath away. It's horrible."

But according to the city, Highway 90 is going to look better in the near future.

"Today is a small step, but in the next few days you're gonna start seeing giant leaps," said Biloxi spokesman Vincent Creel.

Biloxi Spokesman Vincent Creel says these giant leaps will include the opening of all lanes of Highway 90 as well as the dismantlement of various casino barges which Katrina washed onshore.

In other words, 90 will start to look normal again, and for one resident "normal" is simply being able to drive the once beautiful highway one more time.

"I think it's wonderful. It's great to be back, just love it."

Creel says all lanes of 90 in Biloxi will be opened on Wednesday at 10 a.m. And Friday at noon, the Popps Ferry Bridge will open to traffic once again.