Hundreds Work To Rebuild Bay St. Louis Park

Cold and damp weather did little to discourage Bay Saint Louis residents from spending Saturday in the Park.

But work comes before play on this day, for the adults anyway.

There's good reason to celebrate.

The initial call was for 250 volunteers to help rebuild this hurricane battered park.

More than 600 volunteers answered that call.

"It is a heck of a turnout," says Ginny Vegas-Reynolds, organizer and co founder of Bridging the Gulf. "Bridging the Gulf partnered with Kaboom and we are building a playground for the children of Bay Saint Louis."

Ginny, a Bay Saint Louis native, formed Bridging the Gulf from her Connecticut home to help her old hometown recover from Katrina.

When she heard about the non profit Kaboom organization, she had the answer on exactly how to do that.

"We had hoped only to have a partner," says Reynolds. "But when they saw how badly the children of Bay Saint Louis and the gulf coast needed it, they stepped in and said we'll take care of the whole thing."

And they did the whole thing in only five hours.

Kaboom CEO and co founder Darell Hammond says it's his organizations mission to provide every child with a place to play within walking distance.

And he believes there no more vital site for that mission than here.

"Kids aren't necessarily able to understand the full complexity of their house gone, there school gone, their friends may not have move back," says Hammond. "And when they see this they're going to have the opportunity to rediscover play."

A spot that from this day forward will be known for the departed mother of the first woman to say, the kids from her battered and former home, need a new place to play.