More Locals Start Helping Out with Clean Up

The rebuilding process in Biloxi is moving along, thanks to droves of volunteers from out-of-town and some local residents.

As more and more South Mississippians are getting their lives back on track, they're also taking time out to help their less fortunate neighbors.

Paul Ziemer lives in West Biloxi, but he spent much of Saturday on the east side of town.

He, his wife Judith and about a dozen church members from Oregon were on a mission--to clean up some streets in East Biloxi.

"Every little bit of debris that goes away makes it a whole lot better around here," Paul Ziemer said.

The clean up was one of many recovery projects organized by the East Biloxi Coordination Center.

The group was formed by Ward 2 Councilman Bill Stallworth right after the storm.

"We have people from every religious persuasion, all over the country, coming into Biloxi and they come to the center, we work as a team to try to get the recovery done," Stallworth said.

Out-of-towners helped out with most of the work in the beginning, but now more and more South Mississippians like Ziemer are pitching in to help themselves and their neighbors.

This is one of many clean up projects out-of-towners and locals are lending a hand with.

The work is far from over.

Councilman Stallworth says volunteers will be helping out with home rebuilding projects at the beginning of the year.

"We're moving into the second phase of this recovery, which we call stabilization. For those homes that are still standing, we're going back in, trying to get the buiding materials, asking the residents, whatever they got from FEMA to buy the building materials and these organizations will come in, skilled people, to help put them back together," Stallworth said.

As for Ziemer, his house is still standing, but he wants to do what he can to help his neighbors recover and rebuild.

Stallworth says the East Biloxi Coordination Center needs building materials and more volunteers to lend a hand.

If you'd like to help out, call 435-7180.