Virginia Group Wraps Up Sixth Trip To Gulfport

It's small and nothing fancy but the old concrete building that used to be a locksmith shop couldn't look better to Reverend Tim Fulmer. He and his wife will make it their home after living in the Gulfport Church of God where he preaches.

"I tell you right now, this is going to be a lot better than a ten foot by ten foot room. Yes mame, it's going to be a world better," Fulmer says.

The workers are Virginia volunteers who make up a group called God's Pit Crew. Seventy people have made six trips to Gulfport, staying a week each time.

Member Randy Johnson says, "There's still a need here and there still will be for a long, long time. We want to help fill that need any way that we can. And six won't be our last. We'll be back."

Gary Stein has been to Gulfport on three of the Pit Crew's trips. He says he's seen a lot more help being offered in the few months since the hurricane.

"I think that anybody here who needs something has figured out how they can get it," says Stein.

Reverend Fulmer says everyone should be grateful for the dedication and generosity of volunteers like these.

"They've been a Godsend to everyone."