Shearwater Pottery To Reopen Soon

The potter's hard at work. The artist is painting away. But the showroom floor is virtually empty. Shearwater Pottery was supposed to reopen on Friday.

"We, very foolishly, were too optimistic and didn't see how the kiln was going to turn out," shop manager Marjorie Anderson Ashley says.

There are just a few pieces the kiln didn't fade. Many more have to go back and be reglazed.

"Not quite up to Shearwater standards. We're going to try and do better," Ashley says.

Ashleys says the problem is the business lost so much in the storm. They're having to get used to the new materials.

"The clay body is different, some of the paints are different. It could have been that the glaze was applied a little thin. Everything's a little different. It's a different kiln. It's just not what we had before."

Whenever there is enough finished castware in the showroom to open, Ashley says, there still won't be many pieces from the potter.

"Our potter is still working with his glazes."

He might not be ready to until January.

"I'm a little nervous because things are so different,"Ashley says.

They're dealing with a learning curve from the new materials and a new place to do it all in.

"I'm alright with the roughness of it. Our world has been turning upside down with Katrina. This is the least of our problems," Ashley sighs.

Once the pottery problems are worked out, Ashley has just one more hope.

"I just hope they can find 1600 Government Street."

That's Shearwater Pottery's temporary location at the Mary C. O'Keef Cultural Center in Ocean Springs. They expect to be open by Monday. If you'd like to call and make sure the number is 875-7320.