Vancleave Woman Wants Illegal Dumping Stopped

"Garbage, lawn chairs, piles that people have burned, boxes, worn out rusty washers and dryers, tires. You name it," resident Jonny Fountain says as she looks over the mess.

Anything and everything has been dumped at the spot along Highway 57 in Vancleave. Nearby resident Fountain says she's sick of seeing the garbage pile by her home.

"It's an eyesore. It's illegal," Fountain says. "If you don't want this is your yard, take it to the dump. Don't put it in my front yard. It looks awful."

Fountain says no one dumped here before Katrina. And she doesn't know who's been dumping here the last few months.

She's tried to get car tag numbers. Now there are warning signs, which haven't stopped anyone.

"The signs have been up a couple of weeks, but it's gotten much bigger since that time."

Fountain called WLOX-TV and we called the county to find out why no one has stopped the dumping.

"When we heard about it this morning, we contacted solid waste and asked them to get up there as soon as we could to get some of the stuff out of the way," Jackson County District 1 Supervisor Manly Barton says.

The county was on the move within hours. But picking up is only half of the battle. Now the county needs to find a way to keep people from dumping here again.

"Anyone else who's caught here should be fined and prosecuted as the signs read," Fountain says.

Law enforcers agree, but say they need the public's help.

"We can't file criminal charges unless we actually see them making a dump," Jackson County Sheriff's Department Captain Ken Broadus says. "We ask the public to help us. If they see something and want to get involved, which we hope they will, we ask them to get a tag number, a description, and whatever else they can."

That way the sheriff's department can prosecute those responsible for turning South Mississippi roadways into dump sites.

If you live in Jackson County and have trash you need to get rid of, officials ask that you take it to the dump on Seaman Road in Latimer. If you put garbage at an illegal dump site, you could be fined up to $1,000.