Pass Mayor To Keep His Salary

Mayor Billy McDonald will not get a pay cut after all. Tuesday night, Pass Christian's Board of Alderman voted to take "no action" against the Mayor, for what they call "poor leadership" after the storm.

The Board of Alderman said they had to go behind closed doors to discuss the Mayor's pay cut because of a possible lawsuit. Earlier this week, the board unanimously voted to cut the Mayor's yearly salary of $48,000 dollars by 10% for his alleged absence after Katrina. But the Mayor vetoed that vote saying he only left because his wife needed medical care in Baton Rouge.

One resident, who asked to remain anonymous, doesn't believe it.

"Baton Rouge is two and a half hours away. That's where I was and I was able to drive here on a daily basis to check on my house any my status. I don't understand why he couldn't make that two and a half hour drive unless his wife was, you know, about to die."

The board came out of executive session and took a vote whether to override the Mayor's veto. Alderman Pienas and McDermott voted not to cut the Mayor's salary. The three to two vote was not enough to override Mayor McDonald's veto.

The anonymous woman we spoke to said, "I feel like if he would say, 'I can't do this' and step down, then someone with the skills and the energy to fight for us... because we need every dime we can get."