Woman Accused Of Cheating Wants To Reclaim Her Job

"I hope I don't ever come off this cloud. It's wonderful. It's just... I can't express how I feel. Honestly, it's overwhelming."

Now that Sandra pack is no longer an accused cheater, she is determined to go back to her dealer's job at the Gulfport Grand Casino, a job she had for eight years until she was arrested in March. At a court hearing Thursday, attorneys determined the gaming commission had no evidence against Pack. Pack's attorney says the commission went on the word of a woman named Marlena Fredericks.

Gaming agents arrested Fredericks in March for allegedly altering a casino game and conspiracy charges. Attorney Michael Hester says Fredericks told gaming agents that she gave Pack $800 of the casino's money.

"Miss Pack was a totally innocent bystander of the informant who told this lie about Miss Pack, failed to show up for court and this cause was not prosecuted by the state because of the lack of evidence," Hester says.

"It just made me realize how vulnerable we all are, that anybody can just go and point a finger at someone and accuse them of something that could actually destroy someone's life," Pack said.

Now that her name is cleared, Pack says she holds no grudges against her former employer, and she will not take them to court.

"No, I don't have any ill will toward them. I just want to be able to go back to work and get back on with my life."

And that means, Pack says, putting the nightmare of being wrongly accused of a crime behind her.

We called Marlena Fredericks, the woman whom Sandra Pack says accused her of cheating, but Fredericks wasn't at home. Her attorney didn't return our calls.

Harrison County Prosecutor Bobby Payne says the charges against Sandra Pack were dropped because there wasn't enough evidence to pursue the case.