More 155th Members Land On U.S. Soil

After getting off the plane, the men of the 155th couldn't wait to dive into the simple pleasures they gave up for nearly a year, drinking Mountain Dew and eating pizza.

"There's a lot of stuff you take for granted and I'm just ready to go and start experiencing everything again," says Royce Bullock.

The group is ready for some R&R after spending nearly a year helping the Iraqi people.

Sullivan McKibben says, "They were glad to see us over there, they appreciate it very much."

"The weather was pretty hot but overall we came together as a team and we pulled through pretty well," says Lemarcus Buggs.

Bullock says, "We helped train the Iraqis. I'm in the medical field and I know personally we trained Iraqis in the medical field. And I think we did a really good deed over there."

But the good deed came at a high price. Fourteen of their comrades aren't coming home. Those fallen heroes are not forgotten.

"We lost quite a few guys over there. It was really close to the heart cause we knew those guys, we trained with them for six months. And to lose them like that... it hurts," says Buggs.

George Powell says, "We feel sorry for all the soldiers that didn't make it back, all the fallen soldiers that will not be forgotten, that worked and gave the sacrifice by putting their life on the line."

The men will spend the next five days at Camp Shelby demobilizing before they take a well deserved leave. Then they will return to training at their respective guard armories next spring.

So far, more than 300 members of the 155th have come home. The rest of the unit will return to the states through mid January.