Red Cross Blood Donations In Pascagoula Down

The need never goes away, but the Red Cross says the holidays always bring an increased demand for blood donations. More car accidents and fires this time of year can put a strain on the blood supply. And this year, there's the added strain of Hurricane Katrina which has cut down on the number of donors.

Fewer than 20 people stopped by a Red Cross trailer at the corner of Pascagoula Street and Highway 90 Monday to give blood.

"It's a little slow right now. It's not location, because we are in a very good location," Sherry Dunnam says.

Unless you consideration the destruction two miles south of the location.

"It also tends to be the last thing on people's mind. As I said, they are worried about their houses or where ever they are living," Jackson County Red Cross Director Paige Roberts says.

Not for everyone, though. For Mary Wechsler, Hurricane Katrina gave her an even better reason to give blood.

"I'm here for the Red Cross. They were here for us in our time of need and I'm going to be there for them in their time," Wechsler says.

"No, I don't like needles, I'm scared of needles," Donor Suzanne Robertson says.

But Robertson still got out of her hurricane damaged home and came by the blood drive.

"I know I can save someone's life," Robertson adds.

The Red Cross was hoping for 25 pints of blood. The drive ended up with only 12.

If you would like to donate, there will be another blood drive Thursday at Hancock High School from 8:30am to 2pm. Or, you may go to the United Methodist Church of Gautier. There is a blood drive there on the last Tuesday of every month from 1-7pm.