155th Brigade Combat Team Returns From Iraq

Just few weeks short of one full year, another 126 members of the 155th Brigade Combat Team are back from War in Iraq.

"They did all their missions that they were given and did it with great pride and great expertise," says General Ike Plyant with the Mississippi National Guard.

Of the four thousand member unit about 3,500 are from Mississippi.

"Sometime it got lonely," says Specialist Harry Corey of Greenville. "Sometime it was hard work, but you just got to keep praying. Keep the faith."

And tragically, not all of their Mississippi brothers in arms are coming back with them.

"We've lost 14 of our guys over there also," says General Plyant.

But the rest are very happy to be home, especially with the holidays just around the corner.

"I'm so happy to be home," says Sergeant Cassandra Daniels of Water Valley. "It's been a long year."

From here the troops go to Camp Shelby where they'll begin the process of de-processing out of active duty.

There they'll also see their family and friend that haven't seen for over a year.

"It'll be kind of a reverse mobilization," says Plyant. "They'll take a little time off, be with their families. They've got all kind of counselors, VA reps, counselors for them if any of them need it. We give all the contacts they need if they have any problems on out."

Eventually most will return home and to their old lives knowing they served and honored their country.

"Yes, they're through," says Plyant. "They've done their rotation. They've done their duty and done it well."