Parking Garage At Isle Is Hot Issue

Biloxi's Planning Commission heard the latest on the Isle of Capri's proposed parking garage in front of a standing room only crowd. There were plenty of folks in opposition to the Isle's 10-million dollar parking garage citing the project wasn't the best use of the land or that the casino was land grabbing.

However, there were also plenty on hand to support the project saying that the Isle has been a good corporate citizen that has expanded responsibly. Many of the people that showed up supported the Marine Education Center's future expansion and said that this garage could impede that.

Dr. Sharon Walker the Administrator at the Marine Education Center says, "Trying to have a parking garage that we can all share that perhaps could be located in a different area on Point Cadet; I suggested earlier that it be in a North/South position rather than an East/West position but put it so that it doesn't take away the green space and block everyone's view."

Bill Kilduff the General Manager at the Isle Of Capri says, "If J.L. Scott wishes to expand and that's what they really want to do, we applaud their efforts and we'll support their efforts to expand; however, whatever expansion they do, they're going to need parking for it and this gives them an opportunity to take advantage of a thousand parking spaces that they don't have to pay a cent for."

The Commission recessed the issue until August 16th while they await some more information from the IHL.