Harlem Globetrotters Raise Spirits On Visit To Moss Point

The lunch line was long, but far from boring, as members of arguably the most famous and definitely the most funny basketball team in history played to an enthusiastic crowd of fans.

Fans hungry for a holiday meal with all the trimmings, and fans hungry to meet the legendary Harlem Globetrotters.

"There's some great people, hard working people in this community," Ethan O'Bryant, a 10 year veteran of the Globetrotters. "And we're just trying to make it better and help these people progress with their lives and give them some sort of hope and hopefully we can bring that today."

Hope that's been stretched to the breaking point for some coping with the problems left in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

"It helps us get our minds off the tragedy," says Moss Point Mayor Xavier Bishop. It get us away from the debris and the problems we have at home."

And that's the sole purpose behind Holiday Hoopla, one day away from the post Katrina new normal, to relax, visit with neighbors, and smile.

"Once we got the call from Western Union that they wanted to do something special for the community, we joined forces with them to help provide food for the event," says Shearie Archer with the Bay Area Food Bank.

It was a special event that the long list of sponsors believe was badly needed to feed the body as well as the soul of the Moss Point community.

"Without struggle there can be no progress," says O'Bryant. "You know everybody struggles, some struggle a little more than others, but you can always progress in life, with a little help, a little encouragement."

And sometimes with just a little time out to smile.