It's A Business Boom For Some Pascagoula Shops, A Flop For Others

The sidewalks are empty.

The street deserted and the door of Antiques Treasures and Treats now is rarely opened.

Store owner Nancy Roberts thinks her decorations and gifts just aren't needed right now.

"Many people are living in trailer and naturally don't need the same things they normally need for Christmas," Roberts says. ]

Co-owner Peck Stout says it more than that, though.

They've lost 40-percent of their business and Stout says it's because customers are staying away from downtown.

"Obviously they think the whole downtown Pascagoula has been obliterated, destroyed," Stout says,"People don't realize that we are open here."

But customers have found Willis Furniture.

Since they reopened, the phones haven't stopped ringing.

Owner Tim Willis says business is up 300-percent.

"People are steady working on houses and when they get a room ready, they want to put furniture in it," Willis says.

So his showroom is now a warehouse.

But getting the goods out the door is his biggest challenge.

"Full time help."

Not enough deliverymen to tackle the load.

Some work until 11 at night to keep up.

"It's a good problem to have, but it's still a problem," Willis adds.

It's a problem that Willis expects will get worse and the only way to deal with it is to hire more workers to handle the extra load.