The Benefits of ECO-Block ICFs

Environmentally Friendly : Use of wood products in construction significantly reduced.

Energy-Efficient: Provides superior insulation, reducing heating/cooling costs and creating a virtual air/vapor barrier.

Sound-Suppressing: The interior rooms are effectively shielded from outside noise.

Quickly Constructed: One house per day with a four-man crew.

Extremely Strong: Walls are "cast-in-place," monolithic, reinforced concrete.

Versatile: Any interior or exterior finish can be applied.

Fire-Retardant: Up to a four-hour Fire Resistive Rating.

ECO-Block is the world's most advanced ICF technology:

  • Less Expensive: Reduced EPS molding and manufacturing costs.
  • Stronger: Superior strength during the crucial period of the concrete pour.
  • More Versatile: Same side panel for 4”, 6”, 8”, 10” or larger ICF form. Easier to Transport: Components allow assembly on site.

Approved by All Major Building Code Agencies:

  • ICC-ES Report No. 1182
  • CCMC (Canada) 12966-R
  • CCMC (Canada - French)
  • Ontario Minister's Ruling #04-12-116
  • Ontario Building Code Commission Ruling #04-51-1006
  • Miami-Dade County (Florida) 00-1024.02
  • City of Los Angeles (California) RR 25446
  • Florida Certificate of Product Approval FL2253