The ECO-Block system gets the job done faster. With our multiple manufacturing locations throughout North America, you save on transportation costs and delivery time. Because our flat panels can be packed tightly, ECO-Block is easier to ship and handle than other fixed-block ICFs.

Easy to Learn, Easy to Install

The ECO-Block system is easy to learn, requiring less time for training. Installing window and door openings is fast and simple with Universal Buck, the first field-engineered PVC buck system in the industry. ECO-Block's system of latching connectors snaps in place quickly, so ICF panels are joined together fast — and the job is done sooner. Only one construction crew is needed to get the job done, instead of the typical three.

  • Install window and door openings fast with Universal Buck.
  • Train in less time with our easy-to-understand, integrated system.
  • Assemble walls of any size quickly with easy-to-snap-in connectors.
  • Electrical and plumbing installations are fast and easy.