This state-of-the-art method of construction is also the simplest. ECO-Block insulating concrete forms are EPS (expanded polystyrene) panels that easily snap together to create walls of virtually any thickness, from 4" on up in 2" increments. The space between the panels is filled with concrete that cures and hardens into a monolithic, reinforced core of incredible strength.

No Limits To Design

ECO-Block gives you unlimited design flexibility. Got a saw? ECO-Block cuts easily into any shape you need — perfect for unique window openings and arches. You can also choose from our pre-formed corners in varying sizes and angles. And any exterior or interior finish can be directly applied to the panels.

  • Build from the footing to the roofline, using one crew, one system.
  • Form walls 4” thick and greater in any configuration.
  • Create any shape or contour your design calls for.
  • Apply any exterior or interior finish.