South Mississippians In Tents Cope With Cold Weather

Living in a tent can be a trying situation in itself, but add cool and damp weather to that, and it can get frustrating.

But , the tent dwellers here at the Tent Village in Pass Christian say they are among the most fortunate.

Just ask Joseph Victor.

"It's kind of in a dim spot and we're making the best of it. You know, we know God love us and we're trying to make the best of what we got, but we hope one day we'll be in a much better spot," said Victor.

Unlike many tents, those here at Tent Village has central heating and air, and enough space to house at least four people.

There's a shower unit, and even a place to eat three meals a day.

A far cry from what many others have to endure as the cold season draws near, with flimsy tents and not much else to shield them from the elements.

Fortunately, for those here at Tent Village, it's liveable and can be comfortable.

The only thing that bothers Victor about the tent.

"I have a grievance with the wall,the colors of the walls and things like that because I know color plays on emotions, you know what I mean? (Laughs)," said Victor.