Biloxi Museum Plans To Rise Better Than Before

"When we had came to the museum, my time had come. I broke down and I retreated in. I couldn't talk because this was one place that not only did I work, but I cherished for its history of my city and my home.There is no other place on the coast like this," said Daliance Kirkland-Ross.

Kirkland-Ross recounted how she felt after seeing the museum where she has worked for five years in ruins.

But she, like the rest of the people here at the museum's annual membership meeting at Gulf Hills Country Club, wants to see the Maritime and Seafood Museum come back once again.

They met to throw out suggestions and ideas.

They know for certain the museum will be rebuilt, but the question now is where?

"We were in a city building, so it's kind of basically up to the city to decide where we are going to be rebuilt as long as its OK with our board, so that's what is up in the air and we hope it will be resolved come January so we can get moving and we would like to get a building and our doors reopened as soon as possible," said director Robin Krohn-David.

Board members have already received several grants, and have applied for several more.

And with the help of the community supplying artifacts, this building- like the phoenix- will rise again better than before.

Two schooners were spared by Katrina's wrath and they are sailing.

As a matter of fact, they will be sailing next Saturday for Biloxi's annual Christmas On The Water.